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Marine Education

Odessa State Marine Academy

The Academy offers the modern material and technical basis for training and scientific researches, in which the following services are provided: a scientific library; a publishing center equipped with modern computers and efficient printing machines; more than 100 items of access to Internet. Cadets' life: the daily routine and extracurricular activities.


Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet

The College was founded in 1944 as Maritime Hydrotechnical College for the purpose of training of navigators, engineers, dredgers and technicians to staff dredging vessels and to prepare specialists for hydrotechnical constructions.

Since 1952 the college bears the name of Odessa School of Technical Fleet and in 1994, after licensing, certification and accreditation, the school obtained the status of Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet From 2003 our college has been carrying at its activities as maritime college of Odessa National Academy entering it as independent educational institution.


Odessa Maritime College

In accordance with STCW - 78/95 requirements (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended in 1995, Chapter А - II/1 - Master and Deck Department; А - III - ( 1 - Engine Department, А-IV/2 - Radiocommunication and Radio Personnel), all cadets undergo their shipboard training during the process of education. Navigation cadets require minimum of 12 months' seagoing service, other cadets - 8 months. Besides shipboard training, cadets of engineering faculties have technological training at the College`s workshops and at ship-repairing yards.



Marine Refreshing

Seafarer's Training and Certifying Center

Recognizing the importance of sufficient trainings & education as a basis for selection seamen for Principals we have established close and fruitful relations with the Seafarer's Training and Certifying Center (TCCS) located in Odessa, approved by Det Norske Veritas, and OTI (Baku), accredited to teach Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) to the standards set by The Oil & Gas Academy (OPITO). The training programs of the both Training Centers appropriate mandatory requirements of the MARPOL & HSE programs and STCW'95 based on the IMO model courses.


Epsilon Training Center

The overall objective of the Training Center "Epsilon" is not only to raise up a high level of officers and ratings competence , but also to train young people , who take part in cadets program of Marine Agency, because on the level of training safety of the vessel and crew, protection of environment and capital of ship-owners depends. Every year the company develops and increase the level of proposed services quality as per requirements of international standards and demands on marine education and training market.

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